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home page photo If you are looking for a plain, bark removed, shellacked walking stick, you've come to the wrong place; but if you're looking for a high quality, hand-crafted, finely detailed, work of art walking stick, this is the site for you.

It all began many, many years ago when I was an eagle scout in Alaska. At a jamboree, I found a small tree that I thought would make a great walking stick. After the stick (tree) dried, I was not to sure what to do next, yet. Well in 7th grade shop class, we were to come up with our own original project. That is when I decided to make my first “unusual” walking stick. After I removed all the bark, I sanded it down to a very smooth surface. I penciled in my name, troop number and numerous Indian designs. The shop teacher let me take my project outside on the back steps so that I could utilize the sun. I proceeded to use a magnifying glass to “burn” in everything that I had penciled in. Since it was an amazing work of art, I did receive an A+ for this project!

Well, things have changed in the many years that have gone by. I would now like to share my unique walking stick with others…

I know that my sticks are not only one of a kind but the best of their kind. Don't take my word for it, see for yourself.

I take pride in every one of my sticks and I want my customers to feel that same pride. I combine my skills in pyrography, painting, and wood carving to produce the most unique, one of a kind walking stick. I focus in on birds (especially owls) in trees, to create a truly work of art. Each stick is approximately 58" and averages 40 - 80 hours to create. No two sticks are alike. Each one is unique in its own character. I also braid a leather handstrap for each walking stick.

Stick Styling Techniques

Web Links To Assist With Design Choices

If you are not familiar with the styling techniques I have listed the Web may help guide you. It is also an excellent place to look for your favorite owl or bird that you may wish to have crafted on your new walkingstick. Here just a few for you to browse through.

Pyrography means "writing with fire".
Wood Carving
The technique shown here I have used around some of my images to provide an embossed look.
Acrylic Paints
Acrylic paint is applied after the woodburning is complete.
I find owls just fascinating and there are so many different species.
So many different birds to choose from.
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